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Bridging the gap

Providing linkages to decrease and prevent homelessness

About the Project 

Bridging the Gap is a proposed $20 million project aimed at providing a path to housing, employment and stable living for low-income and homeless individuals & families. The goal of the Bridging the Gap Homeless Humanitarian Project is to raise the quality of life in poor undeserved, urban poverty identified areas of the Country, through the provision of temporary shelters which provide not only short-term housing but case management with supportive services.

The program also has a job training component, that addresses the jobs that are indigenous to the region of the country where the homeless served, reside.

Populations Served: Homeless individuals and families with children in counties & areas identified with high poverty levels.


National Goal: To provide temporary housing facilities that prepare/equip homeless residents with the tools necessary to obtain and sustain permanent housing within a 3-5 month stay in the temporary housing facility.


Currently, the Bridge to Hope Executive Management Team, its Board of Directors, and partners are in the process of identifying possible international countries/cities to begin to develop strategies for the provision of holistic services.


National Scope of Services: to provide temporary housing facilities that offer the following supportive services: ​

  • Basic Medical Services  

  • Health Education 

  • Food 

  • Clothing 

  • ​Job Skills Training

  • Practical Life Skills

  • Financial Move-In Assistance

IHRP Project Partners:


CONCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS, INC.: Provides mobile equipment for international use:

Modular Buildings

Mobile Kitchens

Mobile Command Centers

Mobile Showers

Industrial Restroom Trailers

Fresh and Portable Water Trucks

LONETREE USA: Provides, ‘on-site housing facilities’ that are civilized, convenient, temporary communities.

URBAN HEALTH LINK, INC.: A USA based Corporation that provides Internal Medicine and Basic Medical services, Health Education, and Support Services.


We are looking for help from people like you within our communities through donation and volunteer opportunities.

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